Chatbots, are new, exciting, and have excellent participation rates compared to older channels! We've discussed the why quite a bit, but now we'd like to start talking more about the how. Let's say you're sold, and you want to include a chatbot in your latest work. Where do you begin?

The first step should always be to decide what the chatbot will do. For the average business, that means starting with something simple – a goal that will attract your target audience and improve conversions while also saving time on ordinary customer service. So we've gathered some of the best chatbot goals to start with. These goals are direct, simple, and readily available on basic chatbot creation apps and the easy chatbots found in places like Facebook Messenger where any company can create one.


Written by tiroberts
244 days ago

I absolutely love the Facebook Messenger bots especially manychat for my Shopify store it works wonders for getting new customers

Written by lyceum
244 days ago

Interesting ways on how you could start a conversation with your potential customers.

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