A short six step system to getting your customer complaints and concerns resolved quickly and in a professional manor.

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Written by sherisaid
1152 days ago

I disagree that the customer is always right, but this is a good outline for handling an angry or upset customer. The bottom line is that they want to know you care. In web work, misunderstandings often arise when a customer wants a custom software application comparable to NASA's, on a budget that will buy graphics and layout. Barely. Hearing them out is appropriate and necessary, but you have to be firm or you'll lose your business to neverending projects for no-money clients.

Written by LWatrous
1152 days ago

Whenever I have an upset client, I give them a chance to explain why they are upset, before I say anything else. If the message is angry, I step away from it for a few hours and think about their position before I fire back in anger. I defend myself when right and explain why I took that course of action, then offer one or two ways to fix it. Even "angry" clients have hired me again because of my diplomatic approach. The key is to remember you are in business for yourself, and you can't get too upset about it personally.

Written by techlunatic
1153 days ago

Some clients really take the "client is king" cliche very seriously and can become very difficult to handle sometimes . Keeping quiet is really the best thing to do till they calm down otherwise the argument will get uglier !

Written by gpoint
1153 days ago

Shutting up is the big one. Giving customers a chance to blow off steam is essential. Then tell them how you will fix things.

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