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The sad truth is that most small business advertising campaigns fail. To run a successful advertising campaign, you need to have many parts all working together to create an advertising campaign that produces a positive ROI for your business.


Written by openteleshop
399 days ago

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Written by tiroberts
411 days ago

Its so important for biz to record the data and numbers of all campaigns so they know what works and doesnt

Written by GaryShouldis
410 days ago

Tracking your campaigns and analyzing the results is the only way you can improve your advertising. Unfortunately, most small businesses don't do it and repeat the same mistakes over and over.

Written by lyceum
412 days ago

Gary: Thanks for your input! It sounds like a plan! ;)

Written by lyceum
414 days ago

Gary: Thanks for sharing these insights. Which reason do you think is the most common for why an ad campaign is failing?

Written by openteleshop
399 days ago

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Written by GaryShouldis
413 days ago

I think the biggest reason is a lack of planning. Most small businesses are reactionary when it comes to advertising, waiting for a salesperson to sell them on a newspaper ad or some online marketing. Rarely do they take the time to understand who they want to target, what they want to say to them and what they plan to offer them.

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