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Do you want to get started with online advertising but are not sure where to start? Have you spent lots of money on advertising but have little to show for it? While online advertising can be a goldmine for businesses, it’s easy to spend money on the wrong platform, targeting the wrong audience with the wrong message.


Written by lyceum
699 days ago

Gary: Thanks for sharing your experiences. The only thing I have seen of remarketing campaigns is when I have already have bought X product from a company online, and then seeing ads from this company... ;)

Written by lyceum
700 days ago

Gary: Have you tested remarketing (retargeted ads)? Is it expensive. How effective is it?

Written by GaryShouldis
699 days ago

Hey Martin, I have been running remarketing campaigns for about 4 years now. The cost per click is about the same as other PPC campaigns. I find it works pretty well, conversion % is often higher than other campaigns because the people are already familiar with your brand. The main issue I see now is that since remarketing is becoming so popular, consumers are getting banner ad fatigue from it. The ROI seems to go down a little more each year as the remarketing market gets saturated. If done well, it works great, if done poorly, people will get sick of looking at your ads.

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