Is advertising evil?

Is advertising evil? Avatar Posted by Aaron under Advertising
From 74 days ago
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Let’s face it, advertisers aren’t seen as the most honest people around. As practitioners of the dark arts, they trick and fool people into parting with their money for things they don’t need. But on the inside, things are a little different. Or at least that’s what many advertisers would like to think.


Written by carmenpaez61
21 hours ago

If you give advertising to a good company,

Written by vickywebengage
41 days ago

I think advertising is not evil but the advertisers are!

Written by Pavithra2017
65 days ago

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Written by lyceum
72 days ago

Aaron: Welcome "back" to BizSugar! Thanks for submitting new entries. I don't think advertising is evil, but you could find pretty bad examples of ads floating around...

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