Google Is Making It Harder To Be The Small Fish

Google Is Making It Harder To Be The Small Fish Avatar Posted by jeffyablon under Advertising
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Ask any woman: size matters. And while the influency marketing advantage of greater size should come as no shock to anyone, Google just proved it irrefutably.


Written by Brandpromotersrtk
1439 days ago

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Written by jeffyablon
1438 days ago

Golly, that oh-so-on-topic comment made me feel all warm and fuzzy! Thank you!

Written by lyceum
1449 days ago

Jeff: Have fun with MightyBell! ;)

Here is the interview with the founder:

I have a created a community for tea enthusiasts.

The challenge is to incorporate this new site in your daily routine, but I will give it a try during this year.

Written by lyceum
1449 days ago

Jeff: Thanks for the information regarding Doximity. I will tell about this UNsocial network to my father who is MD (dermatologist). Luckily he retired before he could join a network like Doximity! ;) He used the Medical Doctor book to find colleagues.

Have you heard about Mightybell? I learned about this new service from The Social Hour podcast.

Written by jeffyablon
1449 days ago

Martin, I HADN'T heard about MightyBell, and so thanks (I think ... you've just claimed my morning ... ;-) )

Written by jeffyablon
1449 days ago

I struggle with that question. Most days I believe that there are no competitors. Facebook will always be ... well, Facebook. Twitter will be Twitter, and Google will own search, which means they own everything so long as they don't measure success by their ability to BE "something" (i.e., G+ is a HUGE success even if it isn't a destination).

Even Apple hasn't been able to create a community, and their people are you know ... the way Apple people are. So the question is what market advantage Yahoo!, Microsoft, or anyone else could have to create a real success. I admire what Yahoo! is trying to do and they're making minor inroads, but looking at the big picture I'm seeing the M.M. era thus far as an overall bust. I mean, they couldn't even make anything out of Tumblr. And Microsoft seems to be trying pretty much the same tactics (acquire a group of stuff and then figure out how to leverage it).

I don't know what break-out Yahoo! could possibly have up its sleeve. Microsoft, by virtue of their OS and Desktop software strength, COULD do something, but it doesn't look good, does it?

But with all of that said: IMHO the era of broad-stroke social networking will end in a few more years; meaningful segmentation is far more practical in the long term (think Doximity). I've believed that for a few years, and it seems to me that (for example) 4Square BREAKING UP their app is proof that I've had the right idea. Even Evernote is segmenting, by design. Dropbox, too.

So ... sure, there are still challengers on the horizon, but barring major changes in their approach it probably won't be Yahoo! or Bing.

Written by jeffyablon
1449 days ago

Doximity is a social network (insert joke here ... an UNsocial network) specifically and exclusively (for real; proof required) for Medical Doctors.

There's a valid REASON for those folks to seek out and connect with each other, and in their eye ... likely others, too ... a reason to do so away from the hoi polloi: "Why in the world do I want to waste my time listening to the rants of people who are different (inferior to) me?"

That may sound terrible, but it's the way most people think; community isn't about being part of a mob, it's about being part of YOUR mob. Or "Tribe", as Lord Godin would say.

I think about my Facebook feed and cringe at how much ranting runs by. I look at my Twitter feed and am thankful that I choose to follow so few people. Twitter is unfiltered and therefore overwhelming by nature. Facebook is filtered, but the algorithm isn't very good. So now circle back to the G+ question: it's ALL about filtering, and whether you enforced the filters yourself by how you manage your circles and groups or GOOG enforces it for you by ... not caring what you do or even if you spend time "THERE" but arranging, buying and selling your data in ever-more-granular ways, it's ... BETTER.

And better matters, more and more. So ... Yahoo! ? Not so much.

Written by lyceum
1449 days ago

Jeff: Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic! I like Tumblr as a simple blogging tool and I ask the same question as you regarding Yahoo's acquisition and future plans.

What is Doximity?

I think that we could both see a social network that is trying to have everything in one place and at the same time several new segmented and specialized services, e.g., Path, Medium, Swarm (I couldn't find this new Foursquare in the AppStore yet).

Written by jeffyablon
1449 days ago

Martin: First, you're a less small guy than most; you already have that many and then some ... right?

Second: sure, that's the solution to this specific problem, but this problem isn't the issue so much as a much larger one: GOOG is leaning more and more toward favoring larger and larger entities—whether by design or by accident of evolution

So ... umm ... I've pointed out a problem without offering a solution, which in general is something I consider a no-no. OTOH: this stuff is getting so complicated and granular it might be necessary to point out problems this way so people can make end-run plans.

Written by lyceum
1449 days ago

Jeff: Thanks for your reply! :)

I have 580 followers on Google+ at the moment. I have taken it pretty easy and in a slow pace with add new people to my circles.

Do you think alternatives to Google, will take marker shares, e.g., Bing / Yahoo?

Written by lyceum
1450 days ago

Jeff: So, the solution for a small guy like me, is to get 1000 followers on Google+?

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